chinese medicine melbourne
chinese medicine melbourne

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Metro Chinese Medicine Clinic Melbourne

is situated in leafy Kensington, only a few km from the centre of Melbourne. Stella Pericleous has long held a passion for the art of Chinese Medicine. Gynacaelogical and Dermatological complaints are just a few of the conditions that we have great success in treating. We use only A grade ingredients, and no endangered animals or plants are used. We also have a range of easy to use tinctures - made here on the premises. Herbal teas and gift packs are also available.

Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine treats symptoms that western medicine finds difficult to cure, by treating the underlying cause of disease.

Have you ever visited your GP complaining of tiredness, bloating or muscle aches only to be told that you may just need rest? Or that results from your medical are inconclusive? This is where Chinese Medicine excels; by treating you as an individual.

chinese medicine melbourne
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